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Meet Our Team

Mike Barrett


Mike started BBG in 2003 but formerly taught humanities and held various leadership posts at nationally recognized independent schools. His undergraduate studies were at Miami University and graduate at Columbia University. Mike is a licensed agent in life, accident and health. Mike loves to run, read history and business, and most importantly spend time with his wife, three sons and dog.

Phone: 216-503-4134
Email: mbarrett@bbginc.net

Kathy Salsbury


Kathy joined BBG in 2005 and assisted Mike with the processing of SharedFunding claims. Today she runs the successful SharedFunding department at BBG. Kathy’s past experience is in office work. She enjoys spending time with her family.


Terry Coffey

Client Services

Terry joined BBG in 2005 to assist with client relations, service, and baking delicious brownies for our clients. Her former work life was in pharmaceutical sales. Terry received her undergraduate degree from Miami University. Terry’s hobbies include spending time with family, running, baking, and spending time at the beach.


Kris Levis

Customer Service

Kris brought her strong customer service skills to the BBG team in 2008. Kris formerly worked as a pharmacy technician and in medical home healthcare. Kris’ certifications include CPhT and CNA. In her spare time, Kris loves to spend time with family, read, camp, and bike.


Tom Barrett

Sales & Medicare

Tom joined BBG in 2008 and our Florida client base grew. Formerly, he served in executive level roles with several insurance and healthcare organizations. Tom is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the Miami University School of Business. He holds a life, accident, and health license and serves as a fully certified Medicare agent. Tom loves to study and evolve in his faith, spend time with family, cycle, workout at the YMCA, and avidly follows college football and the U.S. national soccer teams.


Mary Ann Barrett

Claims & Mail Sorting

Mary Ann joined the BBG team in 2009 to assist with the mail as the company grew. Previously, Mary Ann has worked in sales her entire life. She studied at Saint Mary of the Woods in Indiana and Ursuline in Ohio and graduated with a degree in Home Economics and Dietetics. In her spare time, Mary Ann enjoys exercising, cooking, reading, and overall learning new things.

Pam Meyer


Pam joined BBG in 2010 to assist with the processing of SharedFunding claims. Her former work experience included human resource assistance, working with a local airline, sales management, manufacturing, and secretarial work. Pam has studied business and office management. Pam enjoys birdwatching, hiking, spending time with her dog, and enjoying nature.


Carson Frankovits


Carson joined BBG in 2011 in sales, but his role has morphed into leading the operations of BBG. Carson previously worked as a project manager for several large corporations. He received his undergraduate degree from Akron University. Carson is a licensed life, accident and health agent. Carson enjoys spends his time with family and friends.


Deanna Broaddus

Account Management

Deanna joined BBG in 2011 to take on account management. Previously, Deanna taught mathematics to junior and high school students. Prior to that she was the Wine Sommelier at a prestigious country club. Deanna received her undergraduate degree from CSU and her graduate degree from KSU. Deanna is a licensed life, accident and health agent.  Deanna loves to spend time with family, participate in outdoor and indoor fitness, read, write, and mentor women.


Laura Jaskiewicz


Laura joined BBG to assist with SharedFunding claims and processing. Laura’s former work experience includes working in the insurance industry. Laura’s spare time is filled with family, fishing, hiking, and camping.


Brenna Czarnecki

Account Management

Brenna joined BBG in 2013 bringing her office and relational skills to the team. Formerly, Brenna managed a local real estate office and has volunteered for many years in her community and church. Brenna loves spending as much time as possible with her son who lives in Charlotte, NC and daughter who lives in NYC.


Joe Hunt

Account Management

Joe joined the BBG team in 2014 to assist with account management. Joe formerly worked at the U. of S. Florida, the U. of Rhode Island, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Joe holds a BA in Communication & Public Relations from Florida Gulf Coast U. Joe loves playing golf, working out, going to sporting events, and watching movies.


Kate Goddard


Kate joined BBG in 2015 to assist with SharedFunding claims processing. Kate formerly worked as a children’s librarian. Kate has received a Master’s in Library and Information Science, Master’s in Arts in Children’s Literature, and a Certificate in Irish studies. Kate loves to read, garden, take long walks with her dog, and cheer on her favorite sports teams.


Melissa Woodson

Human Resources

Melissa joined BBG in 2015 to manage the human resources for one of our largest clients – a network of charter schools. Melissa has 18 years’ experience is managing human recourses and is a member of SHRM both nationally and locally. Melissa loves to spend time with her kids, bowling, dancing, and eating tacos!


Polly Bresock

Customer Service

Polly brought her 30 years of customer service experience in medical claims and insurance to BBG in 2015. Polly previously worked as an office manager in a medical office. Polly loves to spend time with her two big dogs and enjoys gardening.


Patricia Hartwig

Account Management

Patricia brought her 30+ years of health insurance experience to BBG in 2017. Formerly, Tricia was a Director of Underwriting, and a Director of Claims and Admin Operations. Tricia is licensed in life, accident and health and is a certified Smartsheet Product User. Tricia loves to spend time with her husband enjoying good food, wine and traveling. She also enjoys reading, walking, and is an avid dog lover.


Betty O'Scier

Customer Service

Betty joined the BBG customer service team in 2017. Betty’s past work experience is in customer service and medical billing. Betty has completed secretarial and computer coursework. Betty loves to work on her yard and house, bake, cook, and play with her dog Alvin.


Christie James

Customer Service

Christie joined BBG in 2018 to assist with customer service. Formerly, Christie worked in customer service in the retail space and in the healthcare industry. Christie has received on the job training throughout her career. Christie enjoys playing piano and spending time with her family.


Rachel Lipscomb

Account Management

Rachel joined BBG in 2018. Rachel worked her way up to General Manager with the McDonald’s corporation and maintained that role for 5 years. Rachel holds a BA in Psychology from CSU, a Bachelors of Hamburgerology, is certified in Wedding & Event Planning from Colorado Technical Institute, is a certified Smartsheet Product user, and is licensed in life, accident and health. Rachel enjoys spending time with family, crafting, swimming, playing a casual game of softball, and doing anything wedding or décor related.


Tammy Anderson


Tammy joined BBG in 2018 to assist in the processing of SharedFunding claims. Formerly, Tammy worked in property management and holds several housing certifications. Tammy loves spending time with family.


Donna Kolojek


Donna brought her accounting skills to BBG in 2018 to assist with the analyzing and tracking of financial data. Donna previously, working in customer service and outbound logistics for a local company. Additionally, she worked 19 years with a large manufacturer inside of accounts receivable and collections. Donna holds a BA in Organizational Leadership from BWU and certifications in Leadership, sustainability, and HR Management. Donna enjoys gardening, spending time with their two cocker spaniels, and seeing movies with her husband and daughter.


Noah Sekreter

Account Assistance & Programming

Noah joined BBG in 2019 to assist with account management tasks. Moreover, he’s brought his programming & coding skills to the team to assist in automation. Formerly, Noah worked as a web developer for a Cleveland based company. Noah’s formal training was through a coding bootcamp to receive rapid training. Additionally, Noah has independently learned Python. In his spare time, Noah enjoys role-playing games, writing, and programming.


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