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BBG, Inc. was founded in 2003 with the mission to help smart employers achieve their employee benefit goals by pushing beyond conventional approaches. Since healthcare benefits consume the largest portion of total benefits costs, much of BBG’s focus has been on healthcare.

Our Mission

As BBG has grown, our core mission has endured – and been enhanced. While SharedFunding has consistently saved organizations 20% or more on their healthcare costs year after year, BBG continues to drive value into the proposition. Reducing costs is useful, but BBG has invested in the software and the people to deliver coherent solutions and excellent customer service to the employers we serve.


In 2004, BBG developed the highly acclaimed SharedFunding program to help reduce healthcare costs to employers while maintaining the same level of benefit provided to employees.  Today, a bevy of employers subscribe to BBG’s SharedFunding program and capitalize on BBG’s related employer-focused solutions, our strengths, and our areas of expertise..

Medicare Peace of Mind

For years our clients have leaned on our knowledge, experience and hallmark customer service for guidance on what to do and where to start when it comes to all things Medicare. In 2019, BBG launched our BBG65Plus program, so you can now turn to us to help you find the right Medicare coverage. We provide the full range of Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplemental or Medigap plans and prescription drug plans. Our goal centers on providing you with Medicare Peace of Mind. 

BBG has also learned that smart employers need to know about dynamic options that go beyond the conventional models. BBG works to provide those options – such as data analytics for planning, transparency for design planning, and cost reducing tools with high levels of service for employees.

What We Offer

Today, BBG’s experienced team serves employer groups from their offices in Cleveland and Tampa Bay. At the urging of many of our clients, our integrated and highly customizable employer-centric offerings have grown to include all facets of Employee Benefits (e.g. health, dental, vision, life insurance, disability, and more), In-house Brokerage and Comprehensive Insurance Services, Pharmacy and Provider Arrangements, Medical Claims Adjudication and Reimbursement, and Employee Advocacy.

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The members of the BBG team empathize with employers’ fear and frustration regarding  expansive employee benefits propositions, regulatory and compliance issues, and other challenges related to efficiently competing for talent and productively managing today’s dynamic workforce. We also appreciate that employees need help navigating these channels of complexity and we focus on taking care of their needs and mitigating unnecessary administrative hassles.

We are grateful to the clients we serve and to prospective clients that evaluate our mission and value propositions. Thank you for your interest.

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