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We’re keeping an eye on it; and, apparently so are many of the states. The healthcare reform law includes a waiver that, starting in 2017, would let states take federal dollars now invested in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and redirect them and redesign their own health care systems.

Some elements of the law could not be repealed, such as the requirement that insurance companies provide coverage regardless of pre-existing health problems. But they could replace the law’s unpopular mandate that requires virtually everyone in the country to have health insurance, provided the alternative worked reasonably well.

Formally, the waiver is referred to as the “state innovation” provision and can be found in Section 1332 of the voluminous healthcare reform law. Not sure why it has received such little public attention so far. The guess here is that’ll change the closer we get to 2017.

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Waivers may give next president way out of health care feuds

By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press | April 20, 2015